Friday, March 2, 2012

English post - long due

A post in English, to make this blog for once transparent to my non-Greek speaking friends; I made the choice back in 2008 that I would be blogging in Greek, it was sort of coming more naturally, but I have been playing with the idea since to switch to English, or occasionally write posts in English or... so here is one, a snapshot of my little blogging life

I am a working mum. Which consists of two notions put together, 'working' and 'mum'. Not necessarily contradictory. In fact, this sounds entirely normal in the mum sphere, but it sounds like a hell of a nightmare to the world OUT THERE that has no kids. It sounded like this to me too, back then in the B.C.(Before Children) age. And yes, it was difficult in the beginning, when number One arrived. Logistics. Stress. No sleep. Fever. Logistics. Meetings. Deadlines. Logistics. Then number Two came along. Double that. But you get the hang of it and, before you know it, you have a routine there that fits everything, you build tolerance and you push your fatigue limits to the maximum.'Tired' today equals to 'lying breathless on the floor and need to be taken to hospital' at B.C.age. Yep, you develop superpowers.Sounds amazing actually.

Speed is another thing.If you want to squeeze a working day, family logistics and meaningful play time in 24 hours, you've got to go fast. So fast as if you are being chased. This is something you also learn very quickly, mainly because you've got no choice.Deadlines need to be met.Kids need to be fed.Clothes need to be clean.School and nursery have closing times, you can not negotiate that. Run. But then you also go slow when you read a bedtime book or chill out on the floor with the kids tickling you; and that feels better than yoga.

We don't have a nanny and we don't feel like having one. We don't have grandparents around, they do come and visit us often, but they are not regular childminders. We are conscious of our choice and its consequences, the fact that we rarely go out, and that we have a tiring life. But we love it. Our kids go to school and nursery, and if all we get to see them during the week is between 6-9pm, we 'd better make the most of it.

But still, a friend asked the other day, what is so amazing about having kids? You think you will miss clubbing on Saturday night? Wait, I tell you what. You will enter a different universe you had no idea it existed. You have no idea what you are missing. You go through a huge emotional shake and you come out of it realising that there is much more out there that matters apart from your enormous Ego. Back in BC it was all about your moods, your relationships, your hobbies, your very important self. It was small things that all had to be big. But now, there are real people that matter and need you and you learn to take care of them with amazing devotion, putting your petty selfishness to the side. You do other things, that your usual self would not do, but you find lots of fun in them. All that, I thing, is very healthy.

And then there is the one and only, unconditional, warm and true love that you give and receive, a place you did not know that existed in your and your partners' heart. You find it here. This is the universe I am talking about

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